zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Look what I got from my Bella Sistah Janet

So sorry that I've been missing on my blog for a while. Life is just so busy at the moment, I simply can't find the time to update my blog and do other stuff I like. But finally it is Saturday and I am taking the time to update my blog with the wonderful cards that I got from my fabulous Bella Sistah Janet!

This lovely pink one is for my birthday. I totally love it!!!!

This one is to wish me a happy Halloween, well that shouldn't be a problem with this rocking card!

And this little rockstar is soooo cute. So Janet thanks for sending me these awesome cards and be on the look out for some cards coming your way :-)

Also many thanks for the images that I keep receiving, you really rock as a Bella Sistah!

1 opmerking:

Janet zei

I am glad they arrived:) Wait until you see your package:)

They follow my blog!