maandag 1 december 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the greatest Sistah of them all!

Look what I got on a day I was having a splitting headache and came home early from work. I was lying very comfy on my couch when the mailman woke me up, but handed me this huge package with this inside!

I got: really beautiful rub-ons, a cute stamp set, the gorgeoust rainbow color ink pad, sticky strip, lots of flowers, a tweezer set, beautiful baubles, very pretty pink designerpaper, some yummy treats and a very lovely card. I truly have the greatest Bella Sistah of them all!!!!
Bella hugs,

maandag 3 november 2008

Look what I got!

Yesterday my sister and I took our parents out to dinner to my favorite pancake restaurant, they make the most delicious pancakes. We went there to sort of celebrate my birthday (October 26th) and sisters birthday (November 12th). As a thank you gift my mom made us these cute chocolate boxes filled with chocolate treats! Jummy!!!! The brown and pink is mine (ofcourse, hihi) and the red one is my sisters. Aren't they adorable????
Bella hugs,

maandag 27 oktober 2008

More Bellas

Here are two more Bella cards that I made recently. The first one is for the host of a really cool swap. I used Fashionistabella, she is so fun to use and combines really great with Cuttlebug folders!
The second one I made was kinda based on the color challenge from the Bellaholics group but I didn't have cream colored paper so I used the color white instead. This card is with Feelabella and it was for my grandma when she was in the hospital for a few days.
Bella hugs!

zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

I've been tagged - twice!!!!

I've been tagged by Janet and Cheri!

Here's how it works...

  1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
  2. Answer the five sets of five (this is the easy part)
  3. Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
  4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Things I love
  1. My family
  2. Stamping Bella
  3. Scrapbooking
  4. Watching chickflicks
  5. Reading chicklits
Things I don't love...
  1. Waking up int the morning and looking outside to discover it is still dark
  2. Riding my bike to work in the rain
  3. The fact that the weekend is only two days :-)
  4. The fact that I still haven't won the lottery :-)
  5. The fact that cleaning my house takes up my time that i could spend stamping :-)
Songs on your iPod/Playlist
  1. So what! - Pink
  2. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  3. Honey, Honey - Soundtrack Mamma Mia!
  4. Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers
  5. How does she know - Soundtrack Enchanted
Favorite Foods/Drinks
  1. Chinese food
  2. Domino's Pizzas
  3. Cherry Coca Cola Light
  4. Mc Donalds hamburgers
  5. Hot chocolate milk with whipped cream
People I am tagging...
  1. Joan (my mom, hihi)
  2. Kimmie
  3. Jacqueline TresBella
  4. Mel Hulachickabella
  5. Heidi Walczak

Look what I got from my Bella Sistah Janet

So sorry that I've been missing on my blog for a while. Life is just so busy at the moment, I simply can't find the time to update my blog and do other stuff I like. But finally it is Saturday and I am taking the time to update my blog with the wonderful cards that I got from my fabulous Bella Sistah Janet!

This lovely pink one is for my birthday. I totally love it!!!!

This one is to wish me a happy Halloween, well that shouldn't be a problem with this rocking card!

And this little rockstar is soooo cute. So Janet thanks for sending me these awesome cards and be on the look out for some cards coming your way :-)

Also many thanks for the images that I keep receiving, you really rock as a Bella Sistah!

More Bella stuff

5For my Bella Sistah Janet I made this notebook and these cards!

Front of notebook
Back of notebook
Fashionistabella says hi!
Stamping Bella - For you

woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Blog candy from Janet

Please visit this cool blog from my bella Sistah Janet Rossi, she is offering really cool blog candy!

maandag 29 september 2008

The worlds greatest Bella Sistah: Janet Rossi

I've been matched up with the worlds greatest Bella Sistah: Janet Rossi!!!!!
She keeps sending me gorgeous cards and man the packages that I received from her are just over the top!!

This is the first card that I received from her, it is sooo cute!
Then this 'little' (not LOL) envelope reached my mailbox. It contained two(!) Bellas: Loveybella and Rockabella, three little bags witch microbeads, glitter, and shape brads (sooo cool!) and a Pink Pirouette ink pad from Stampin' Up. I love Stampin' Up but we can't buy it here in Holland, so to get this is my fave colour was just great!!!!!
This stunning card was also in the first envelope. I love the colours!
And if that wasn't enough, and believe me I was already overwhelmed with the first package a very large envelope was waiting in front of my door the next day and one surprise after another came out of the envelope. It felt that is was my Birthday already (and that one is next month but I guess my relatives won't spoil me for my Bday as much as Janet did with this package LOL).
In this package I found: Pink Pirouette cardstock (just lovvvveeee pink!!!!)Pink Piroutte ribbon, a very cute SU stamp set (love it!!!) two (!) more Bellas: Clickabella and Underthehoodybella, Zig Markers, Heidi Swapp photocorners, Susan Branch cards and envelopes, SU rub-ons (so gorgeous), a little alphabet stamp set, more SU ribbons, and double sided Mounting tabs.
So here is a a very BIG thanks for my great Bella sistah Janet Rossi!!!!!

More Bella cards/Weer Bella kaartjes

I've been missing on my blog for a while, but I kept myself busy during that time! These are a few cards I made recently.

Ik heb even een tijdje niets gepost op mijn blog, maar dat betekent niet dat ik stil heb gezeten. Dit zijn een aantal kaartjes die ik pas geleden heb gemaakt.
Parisbella for Tangii for hosting the calendar swap
Brrbella (forgot her real name, hihi) for a hostess of a Dutch purple swap
Savvyshopabella card for my Bella sistah Janet Rossi
Hitchedafellabella for the 1-year anniverary of of former colleague
Witchybella for the October Homepage contest from Bellaholics Anonymous Yahoogroup.

Bella calendar swap

On the Bellaholics Anonymous Yahoogroup I participated in a calendar swap. You had to make 4 pages of three months. I chose to make March, May and October. These are my entries!

Op de Bellaholics Anonymous Yahoogroep heb ik meegedaan met een kalender swap. Je maakt dan vier pagina's van 3 maanden. Ik heb gekozen om de maanden Maart, Mei en Oktober te maken. Dit heb ik gemaakt!

zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

Nog meer Bella kaartjes/ Just a few more Bella cards

Ik ben echt helemaal verslaafd aan het maken van Bella kaarten de laatste tijd, maar ze zijn ook zo ontzettend leuk. Ik ben, geloof ik, ook een beetje verslaafd aan Stamping Bella's kopen, maar ik kan het gewoon niet laten, mijn derde bestelling is nu onderweg, ik kan haast niet wachten.
Deze drie kaartjes heb ik pas geleden gemaakt.

I am sooo addicted to making Bella cards these last couple of weeks, but they are just too cute!!! I am, I think, maybe just a little bit addicted to buying Stamping Bella stamps at the moment, but I just can't help myself, my third order is on its way and I can't hardly wait for them to arrive! These three cards I made in the last couple of weeks.

Elizabella (Happy Birthday) for the daughter of my colleague.

Flowahbella (Welkom back) for the same colleague who returned to work from her maternity leave in the middle of my summer holiday.

I-can't-see-a-thingabella (Happy Birthday) for my grandma Corry who has turned 83 today!

Award gekregen van Cheribella/ Received an award from Cheribella

Deze week heb ik deze award gekregen van Cheribella, wow Ik ben daar heel blij mee! Ik voel me zeer vereerd! Het is de Javablu award, en de regels voor het doorgeven van de award staan hieronder.

This week I received this award from Cheribella, wow I am sooo happy with it! I am so honoured. It is the Javablu award and the rules for passing on the award you can find below the award.

Rules for the JAVABLU AWARD:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
4.Before listing the nominees give a brief reason why you chose them.
5. Put links of those blogs on yours.
6. Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated

Dus hier komen de blogs die ik nomineer voor deze award! Het was moeilijk kiezen, daarom heb ik nu gekozen voor de blogs die ik het meeste bezoek.

So here are the blogs that I nominate for this award! I was hard to choose, but this time I picked the blogs that I visit the most!

Joan Ottevanger (my mother) for teaching me a lot about stamping, always helping me and giving me advice and of course for letting me use her stuff (especially the Cricut & Cuttlebug)

Heidi Walczak ( because her cards are amazing and she took on the task of hosting the wonderful JATC swap.

Sarah (Scrampin' Mama) ( because I just love her cards and also get so much inspiration from her blog!

Kim (Javapinkabella) ( I just love to visit her blog and see all that she creates!!!! I love her cards!

Angela from Inkybutton ( I am in love with her cards, I always find so much ideas from her blog!

Bella kaarten voor hostesses van swap/Bella cards for hostesses of swaps

Op de Bellaholicsanonymous Yahoo group heb ik meegedaan aan twee swaps. De eerste was een images swap, daarvoor moest je 13 x 2 keer een Bella stempel afdrukken en daarvoor kreeg je dan 12 x 2 keer de afdrukjes van de andere leden van de swap terug. Voor de hostess van deze swap Shannon Roberts heb ik deze kaart gemaakt.

On the Bellaholicsanonymous Yahoo group I joined two swaps. The first one was an image swap, you had to stamp 13 x 2 times your own image and then you got 12 x 2 times the images from the other swappers back. This is the card that I made for the hostess of this swap Shannon Roberts.

De tweede swap waaraan ik heb meegedaan was een JATC (Jumbo ATC) swap, in plaats van het gebruikelijke ATC formaat hebben we dus hiervoor grote ATC's gemaakt. Deze swap werd gehost door Heidi Walczak en dit is de kaart die ik voor haar heb gemaakt (met heel veel hulp van mijn zus Jacqueline).

The second swap I participated in was the JATC (Jumbo ATC) swap, instead of the usual ATC format we made bigger ATC's. This is the card that I made for the hostess of this swap Heidi Walczak ( I had a lot of help from my sister Jacqueline for this card).

Verjaardagskaarten / Birthday cards

Ik heb deze twee kaarten gemaakt voor een verjaardagslijst van een van mijn groepen. Ik heb de SU set Stipple Celebrations hiervoor gebruikt.

I made these two cards for a birthday list from one my groups. I used the SU set Stipple Celebrations to make these cards.

Award gekregen/Received an award

Deze award heb ik gekregen van mijn moeder, Joan Ottevanger Ik vind het heel leuk dat ik deze award heb gekregen!!!!

This award I've gotten from my mother, Joan Ottevanger, I am soo happy that I got it!

Ik wil 'm graag doorgeven aan Cheribella omdat ik vind dat ze hele mooie kaarten maakt, dus neem gauw een kijkje op haar blog!

I would like to pass it through to Cheribella because I think she make beautiful cards, so please pay a visit to her blog!

maandag 28 juli 2008

Meer Bellas/More Bellas

Heb net een heerlijk weekend achter de rug waarin ik samen met mijn zus lekker bezig ben geweest om kaarten te maken. Ik heb 4 Bella kaarten gemaakt! Ik heb de volgende Bella's gebruikt: Superbella, Savvyshoppabella, Spabella en Elizabella. Ik heb de Cuttlebug gebruikt en alle Bella's zijn ingekleurd met mijn Copics.

I just had a wonderful weekend in which I had a great time making cards with my sister. I made 4 Bella cards and used the following Bella's: Superbella, Savvyshoppabella, Spabella en Elizabella. I used the Cuttlebug and coloured the Bella's with my Copics.

Spabella: Have a SUPER Birthday

Savvyshoppabella: Love 2 shop

Spabella: Just relax, It's your Birthday!

Elizabella: Let's go shopping

They follow my blog!